BMS Training on 2/23/11

Resources Discussed on 2/23/11

Jane has posted the following resources on pages on this Wiki:

AM Agenda and Questions

In attendance: Jim and Jane
  • MY Access MY Prompts for Response to Lit (scorepoint scale of 2)
  • What assessment tools are available on MY Prompts?
  • Andrew Jackson Pilot Prompt
  • Pre-writing strategies
  • How to best use a Pilot prompt
  • Find and set up other prompts that align with curriculum
  • Create MY Prompts and figure out how to best assess them
  • On the Intellimetrics Prompts - How do I focus on one domain and help students improve?

PM Agenda and Questions

In attendance: Diane, Enrica, Kathleen, Lisa, Sharon
  • What to do with what I've got
  • How to continue using my access as a writing tool for the students to improve both essays and open-ended responses
  • How to use revision plans more effectively and how to save/have students retrieve comments
  • What are plan is concerning the open ended questions
  • How to create reports
  • How to energize our students and engage them in writing