Prompts Used by Grade Level

suggested format:
Prompt name, Dates of assignment, Teacher

Sixth Grade

Causes of good grade 9/10 all grade six
Fractured Fairy Tales 10/10 Loughlin
Important Possession 2/11 Loughlin
Principal for a week 1/11 Desabota/McCormack
Journeys open-ended response lesson 9 ("Kensuke's Kingdom") all grade six (in sample 6)
Adventure in a Blackout10/10 Loughlin
A Trunk in the Attic 10/10 Loughlin
Analysis of a Literary Character 11/10 Loughlin/Socquet/Green/Desabota/McCormack
Write a Scary Story 9/10 Green
Transported to Another World 9/10 Green
If I Had a Hundred Dollars 11/10 Green
An Environmental Problem Green
Is Lying Always Bad? 4/11 Loughlin
4 Day School Week 4/11 Loughlin
Ipods and Mp3 Players in School 4/11 Loughlin

Seventh Grade

Winter Vacation Getaway 9/10 Houston

Eighth Grade

Violence on Television (Sept. 2010, Schaffer)
Cell Phones in School (Nov. 2010, Schaffer)
How to Handle a Bully (Feb. 2011, Schaffer)
Greatest American Figure (Nov. 2010, Hatzberger)
The Bill of Rights (Dec. 2010, Hatzberger)
Was Andrew Jackson a President of the People? (pilot), Feb. 2011, Hatzberger)

Related Arts

Do I want Fame (grade 6, Dehls)
Ipods and MP3 Players (grade 7, Dehls)
Music in My Life (grade 8, Dehls)