MacBook Cart Procedures

  • As you know the primary purpose of the carts is to support the MyAccess writing program. To facilitate the availability of the MacBooks for everyone, 1) both carts can be used by either grade and 2) MyAccess usage will take priority. Teachers planning MyAccess projects will be able to sign up for the carts 3 weeks in advance, teachers planning other uses will be able to sign up 2 weeks in advance. Hopefully, this way both carts are utilized to their maximum.
  • Students should preferably use the same MacBook on each cart to minimize synch time.
  • Students are required to sign-in and out MacBooks.
  • Students should be reminded to carry MacBooks with two hands.
  • Cart should be returned to its docking station each evening.
  • When removing lock, tumblers should be turned to prevent students from learning combination.